Party Pretzel Nice-Cream Recipe

Okay so, I had no idea this was going to taste so amazing. I mean, I should have guessed – literally ANYTHING made into nice-cream is going to be great right?! Although I will be forever loyal to oatmeal for breakfast, I am finding myself with my head in the freezer searching for frozen bananas to turn into nice-cream more and more often! Banana fairy, if you’re listening, I’ll take another 4 bowls please and thank you. So, for all you nice-cream-newbies out there (a) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! and (b) I hope you are ready for the ultimate breakfast experience.



3-4 bananas (peeled, chopped and frozen)

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 scoop vegan protein powder (optional)

1 tbsp agave or maple syrup

10 salted crunchy pretzels

pinch salt

dairy-free milk (I used Alpro Soya Light)



  1. Add frozen bananas, cinnamon, pretzels and salt to the blender
  2. Add a splash of nut milk and pulse
  3. Keep adding milk until mix becomes smooth and creamy – around 1/3 cup depending on size of bananas
  4. Spoon out into your fave bowl and top with more pretzels and quinoa pops (and anything else you fancy!)


Done. Breakfast party for 1!



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