Flo Essence Water


I’d like to introduce you all to Flo Essence Water. The lovely people at Flo sent me a box of their flavoured mineral waters to try and I am here to tell you that they are divine. Their stunning flavour combos include blueberry vanilla, watermelon mint, lychee hibiscus and cucumber lemon; sound delicious right? Damn right.

I used to drink quite a lot of flavoured water in the past, until I realised that it is generally jam-packed full of sweeteners despite being sold as ‘sugar free’. I don’t know too much about the whole sugar-sweetener debate, and I don’t really want to get into it now, all I do know is that I’d rather keep it natural. This is why I was so excited about Flo Essence water. This stuff has no sugars or sweeteners and literally only contains water and a drop of natural flavour. This means that the flavours are really subtle and aren’t overpowered by that sharp sweet taste that some flavoured waters seem to have. It also means that there are no preservatives, colourings or nasty chemicals and that the whole 500ml carton contains only 1 lonesome calorie. Perfect.


I’ve been drinking these icedĀ alongside my lunches and it honestly feels like such a treat. I don’t particularly like fizzy drinks and am not a big juice drinker so my usual drink of choice is just plain water (which I will always be very much an advocate of – 8 pints a day guys, don’t forget!) so Essence water is a wonderfully delicious change. It is also great for drinking on the go as the carton is robust enough not to get squashed in the depths of my bag and the resealable cap is most definitely leak-proof.

I also took the cucumber lemon carton to the gym with me to see how I found drinking it during exercise. It was a really nice change, but I kind of felt like I was wasting it! It tastes so nice that I felt like it should be reserved for sipping out of a chilled glass with ice and a cocktail umbrella rather than being gulped down after an extra hard bike session. Nonetheless, I certainly felt hydrated and felt like this water did the job just as well as a normal bottle of unflavoured water would have done (though I tend to get through at least two whole bottles during a normal session so maybe 1 carton wouldn’t be enough for me!). Anyway, everyone in the gym was definitely jealous of my shimmery carton of goodness.

So basically, Flo Essence water is the drink I’ve always been dreaming of. Subtly flavoured, sugar and sweetener free and utterly delicious. Keep an eye out for cartons of watery heaven coming your way soon. For now, keep hydrated and stay sassy. Peace out.


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